SmartStone Inc.
Fabricators & Installers of Granite, Marble, and Quartz
Counter Tops.
Contractor Orders and Volume Pricing
Contractors, we give discounts for low maintenance accounts.  All we need to price your job is an overhead floor plan.  Small changes in floor plan can alter the logistics and pricing for any job, so please give us your best CAD or hand drawn drawing. 
We will come out to you for an initial meeting to discuss how we can work together.  We can supply you with samples at this time. The cost of imported stones has, and continues to fluctuate.  Always confirm pricing with us before selling each job.  There are many times we can improve your margin and there are also those instances which make the job unprofitable; the recent rise in price of Super White Quartzite is a great example of this. A stone that was quite affordable 12 months ago is no longer in the same price category. (Jan. 2015)
We do not lock you into silly loyalty contracts or need deposits unless slabs are tagged and ready for production.  Any projects for which you supply final drawings are pay-in-full before delivery (less delivery). We cannot be held responsible for your errors. We do suggest that newer, long-distance, clients take advantage of paying by a major credit/debit card.  We do offer the following price options for all projects:

1)  Full service measure and install pricing.

2)  Pickup order/ Will-call pricing. (Your measure)

3)  Tailgate/ Trailer delivery for your own install.  (Your measure)

 In our experience, a notorious mistake of the rookie general contractor or stone fabricator is an attempt to build counters based on an initial layout. With walls out of square, fillers, sink centers, dishwasher panel returns...etc. ...there are many ways which the practice can end badly after cabinets are installed. Remarkably, we have delivered many kitchens of cabinets and granite at the same time for a general contractor's crew to install. We have not had one major detail error in this practice. It can simplify logistics for you, contractor. If we are provided with accurate back-wall, window, and appliance dimensions, we have the knowledge to account for overhangs and create correct tolerances to be covered by backsplash for an easy install. Our delivery or pick-up pricing lends itself towards a side-business for you. We stock our own sinks which we can provide at cost. You have 5 options of sink to provide your customers. Some contractors seeking to install their own jobs require initial assistance; there is a learning curve with stone which does not have to be expensive. We can work with you to get you on your feet towards making maximum profit from your jobs.  

 The dynamic of the people handling your projects is what makes SmartStone different. Mistakes tend to happen by haste, lack of experience, or when communication and mindfulness are not optimal; maintaining those last two things is a mission with our customers and our own lives. We truly enjoy what we do and see it as an extension of ourselves, and these are the kinds of people we hope to work for. 

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to serving your needs.

                                                                                                          Thank You,
                                                                                                          The SmartStone Team

A note from the owners: 
We service a 300 mile radius of Chicago!