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Counter Tops.
  $9.00                                              $7.00                                                   $14.00

$8.00                                            $10.00                                                   $20.00
FREE                                           FREE                                                       FREE
$30.00                                            Discontinued                                          $35.00
$35.00                                       $30.00                                                       $50.00
Kitchen design tool. 
Edge details below are priced by the linear foot. 
Please note that these edge details are only renderings to serve as an example of the edge profiles available on 1-1/4'' (3cm) stone. 
... Different manufacturers of router bits create slightly different contours for each individual profile. One router bit can create a slightly different edge near the end of it's life compared to when it was new. We have to run a series of 3 router bits before polishing the edging.  The equipment is costly and can triple the labor time to produce your job.  In instances where a "laminated drop-edge" is requested, labor rates generally double.